Class 10 English Chapter 2 The Thief’s Story Summary – Footprints Without Feet NCERT Solution

Class  10th
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Book Footprints Without Feet
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Class 10 English Chapter 2 The Thief’s Story Summary

The Thief’s story is written by Ruskin Bond. The story is about a young fifteen year old boy. Hari Singh. Who befriended people in order to rob them. One day he met Anil during a wrestling match. Anil was a twenty five-year old man who was leading his life casually. He was a struggling writer who would make small money with his writing prowess. Hari flattered Anil by trying to befriend him and asked him for some work.

Anil asked Hari is he could cook, to which the young boy replied affirmatively. Hearing this, Anil took him to his room and promised to teach Hari how to read. Write add numbers and cook delicious meals. Some times, Anil would give one rupee to Hari as a tip for his efforts. One fine day Anil received a bundle of notes for his published articles. He kept the money under his mattress and Hari happened to notice this during midnight, when Anil was fast asleep Hari steal thily slipped his hand and stole the money kept under the mattress. He immediately left for the railway station to board a train to Lucknow. Unfortunately he missed the train and wandered across the streets. As it was pouring heavily, he got drenched completely.

Soon Hari began to steel agitated and was regretful for stealing money from on honest man like Anil who treated him so well. He felt guilty for cheating Anil who taught him how to read and write his name and add numbers. Suddenly Hari Singh had a change at heart and he decided to return to Anil. Although the notes had become Soggy due to rain. He kept the money in the same spot from where he receive it. The following day when he woke up he found Anil was normal as usual. The young man offered Hari Fifty rupees and said that he had rightfully earned it. Anil further said that he would pay Hari regularly.

However when Hari touched the money. He realised that the money was still damp. Hari understood that Anil was aware of his misdeed the previous night, but the young manstill did not treat him with disgust or hand him over to the police. Am I promise to teach Hari how to write full sentences. After this incident Hari Singh was filled with gratitude and respect for Anil and he decided to mend his ways and become a noble human being like Anil.

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