Class 10 English Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying Summary – First Flight NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
Book First Flight
Category Summary

Class 10 English Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying Summary

In this story, you will be reading two stories about flying in two parts. The first part is ‘His First Flight.’ It is based on a young seagull who was afraid to fly because he did not know how to fly over the sea. His parents tried many tricks to teach him to fly. But he was so afraid that he refused to fly. At last his mother tempted him with food in her beak. In order to get food, the hungry seagull came to the edge of the rock and fell from it. At first he was terrified but he opened his wings and started flying. He was happy to note that he did not fall in the sea. he learnt to know how to fly. The second part is ‘Black Aeroplane.’ The narrator of the story is a pilot who was flying from Paris to London and dreaming about the holiday with his family.

After crossing Paris he got a look of the dark clouds, signifying the upcoming storm. For the sake of safety, he should have turned back to Paris. But to fulfill his dream of a holiday, he risked the life of passengers and headed the plane into the storm. Everything got dark and all the instruments stopped working. He lost control of the plane. The very less amount of fuel was left. Suddenly he saw another plane flying next to him through the storm. The pilot followed the strange Aeroplane. The anonymous pilot guided them out of the storm and disappeared. He landed and walk away to the control tower. He asked a woman who the other pilot was. She looked at the pilot and tell him no other aeroplanes were flying to night. This part teaches us that we should not risk the lives of others to fulfill our dreams.

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