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Class  10th
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Class 10 English Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary

This lesson is an excerpt from “The Diary of a young Girl”. It is an autobiography of a young Jewish girl Anne Frank which was first published in 1947. In this diary, Anne expresses her thoughts when she had to go into hiding during world war II to avoid the Nazis. It was gifted to her on her thirteenth birthday by her father. She considered her diary to be her true and loyal friend as she was lonely and had no friends to talk to. She named it ‘Kitty’.

In it, she mentioned about her childhood and how much she loved her family, especially her adorable father. On 20th June 1942, Anne mentioned how her entire class was nervous about their exam results. She was confident about other subject she is unsure about Mathematics. Anne also mentioned how the maths teacher, Mr. Keesing was annoyed by her talkative nature. While talking in his classes he gives her extra homework as punishment.

The first punishment was to write an essay on “A chatterbox”. She presented a convincing arguments in her essay that she would try to improve herself but she could not do anything about the trait that she inherited from her mother. She was punished with second essay ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox’ for her unreformable talkiative nature.

After keeping an eye on her Mr. Keesing gives her another topic “Quack, Quack, Quack, Said mistress Chatterbox” as a punishment. For this lesson, we learnt that a young student should be allowed to talk and feel joyous in order to stay mentally fit.

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