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Class 10 English Chapter 5 Glimpses of India – Coorg Summary

Coorg is a story written by Lokesh Abrol. The author describes Coorg of Kodagu the smallest district of Karnataka, as a heavenly place that lies between Mangalore and Mysore. The heavenly city has evergreen forests, spices and coffee plantations. From September to March, the weather is good here and thus many tourists come to visit the place. The air of this region is filled with coffee scent. There is a famous story about the Greek or Arabic descent of the Coorg people that a part of Alexander’s army had to settle here as it was not possible from them to return.

They thus settled here and married with the locals. The people of Coorg wear Kuppia, a long black coat, similar to the Kuffia that Arabs wear. People of Coorg are also very brave. The Coorg Regiment of India Army is not of the most significant regiments. The First Indian army chief, General K.D. Cariappa hails from Coorg. The forests and hills of Coorg provide a major source of water to the River Kaveri. Also, Mahaseer, the largest freshwater fish is found in these waters. From the top of the Brahmagiri hills, we can see the complete view of Coorg. Also, Buddhists monks live in Bylakuppe in the Island of Nisargadhama near Coorg.

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