Class 10 English Chapter 6 Mijbil the Otter Summary – First Flight NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
Book First Flight
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Class 10 English Chapter 6 Mijbil the Otter Summary

Mijbil the otter is a story written by Gavin Maxwen. The story starts with the author travelling to Basra along with his friend. During their journey the author expressed his choise to domesticate an otter because he felt lonely after he had lost his pet dog.

His friend advised him that he could get one from marshes along river Tigris in Iraq.

After five days reaching Basra, the author got as gift. The author named the Otter Majbil or Mij. It took some time for Mij to get familiar with his surroundings. For the first twenty four hours, Majbil was neither hostile nor friendly, choosing to sleep on the floor.

At the end Mijbil learnt playing with water and to open the faucet himself. Now it was time to back to London which was a great challenge for author to carry Maijbil with him. The British airline to London would not allow animals. So he booked another flight for Paris and from there to London. The airline allowing Mijbil to be packed into a box. The author put him in a box an hour before the flight in and left for having a meal. When he comes back, he found that Mij had created holes in the box and blood was coming out. He became scared and rushed to the airport as it was only ten minutes left for the flight to take off. He cleaned the box and put the Mij back into the box and reached the airport on time.

He give the box to a air hostess which she kept on her lap. But the next moment Mij leapt out of the box and disappeared there by developing chaos in flight. In made all the passengers fearful. The air hostess helped the author to find fearful. The air hostess helped the author to find Mij. They reached London. In London, Mij used to play with ping-pong balls, toys, rubber fruit and other things for hours. The author took him to walk. Mij went with the author like children running, playing and touching things in Londen streets. The people of London guested him to be an infant seal, squirrel or might be a hippo. The author remained in London with his pet (Mij) for a month. Both developed a strong bond with each other.

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