Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Serman at Benaras Summary – First Flight NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
Book First Flight
Category Summary

Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Serman at Benaras Summary

This lesson is about an eight year old girl named Valli. She did not have friends to play with. She lives near a bus stop in a village. She would spend her time by watching people the street. She was curious to know about the outside world. She desired to travel by bus. For this purpose, she reduce her expenses and saved enough money for the two-way fare. She started collecting information from the neighbours. She got to know that the town was six miles away from her village and it would take one and half four to travel both side.

She planned to travel in the afternoon when her mother was having her nap and come back without her knowing anything. One day the afternoon she got into the bus. She refused to take any help from the conductor or fellow passengers and thus conductor called her ‘madam’. She found the bus comfortable and luxurious. On her journey, she enjoyed watching mountains, green fields and palm trees grassland. She was experiencing it all for the first time by her own eyes.

She saw a young cow that came in front of the bus and crossed by after the driver below the horn. It was like a dream come true for her. While returning to the village by the same bus she saw the same cow dead by the roadside. She thus because sad and sat silently for rest of the journey. She tried to understand the meaning of life and death. Upon reaching home, she found her mother and aunt talking. No one know about her bus journey.

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