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Class  10th
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Class 10 English Chapter 8 Bholi Summary

The chapter “Bholi” by K.A. Abbas is about a very innocent girl who was taught by a teacher to flight against all odd situation. Bholi’s real name was Sulekha who was the youngest child of Ramlal among the three sons and four daughters when she was ten month old. Shehad fallen off the cot on her head which damaged some parts of her brain. When she was two year old she was attacked by smallpox which left lots of spots in her face. Till 5 years of age she could not speak even one word and when she started speaking she stammered. She belonged to a prosperous family where her three elder sisters had already got married. He father was so worried about her as she was not pretty or intelligent.

One day in her village a primary school was inaugurated by Tehsildar Sahib who told Ramlal to send his daughters to school as he was the representative of the government in the village and must set an example by sending his own daughter to school. as he was the representative of the government in the village and must set an example by sending his own daughters to school.

The mother of Bholi was not ready to spend her daughters to school but later Ramlal told Bholi to get ready for the school. At first Bholi was so scared to go to the school but finally when she was provided new dresses she got ready for the school. There just like her neighbors used to do other students also began to make fund of her. But lady teacher of the school of school supported her and motivated her for her continuous studies.

Many years passed and Ramlal arranged for the marriage of Bholi with a rich person of the neighboring village. Bishmaber Nath who was almost the sameage as Ramlal himself was moreover he also limped without watching the face of Bholi he also got ready for the marriage. At the time of marriage accidently. Bishamber Nath saw her face, when a woman slipped back the sickenveil from the bride’s face and when the bridegroom was lifting the garland. After watching her face, Bhishamber Nath began to force Ramlal for the dowry of rupees 5000 or else they would return back without marriage. Ramlal requested Bishamber
Nath a lot not to do so, best he was rigid on his demand when somehow Ramlal arranged the amount, Bholi started speaking and finally she rejected the marriage. She was told a bad girl and s shamless girl by all the villagers there and Bhishamber Nath returned from there
without marriage. But Bholi did not care about anything and told her parents not to worry about her as in their old age she would serve both of them and for her being self-dependent . She would teach in the same school where she learnt so much. When she asked her teacher
about her decisions her teacher praised her heartedly.

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