Class 12 English Chapter 4 The Rattrap Summary – Flamingo NCERT Solution

Class  12th
Subject English 
Book Flamingo
Category Summary

Class 12 English Chapter 4 The Rattrap Summary

In this story the author tells how greed for material things entraps human beings. The central character of the story is a beggar and a petty thief who goes about selling rattraps of wire to make a small living. He realises that the world itself is a big rattrap. Riches, joys, shelter and food are all lucrative baits to trap mankind.

In the story the beggar was offered various baits. The old man offered him bait of food and of stay at night at his hut. The old man and the peddler played a game “mjolis” after supper. The bait of the three ten kronor is enough to tempt him and he stole that money. Next at the Ramsjo iron works, the bait offered to him of shelter for the night by the ironmaster of mistaken identity though he initially refuses it. Edla, the iron master’s eldest daughter offers yet another bait of full hearted generosity, comfortable living and a magically peaceful Christmas.

Edlawas down cast when she learned that the peddler was a thief. The peddler underwent a change of heart after experiencing her kindness. He returned the stolen money and writes a letter to her, thanking her for helping him to escape from the rattrap. The story ends with the victory of human goodness.

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