Class 12 English Chapter 5 Indigo Summary – Flamingo NCERT Solution

Class  12th
Subject English 
Book Flamingo
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Class 12 English Chapter 5 Indigo Summary

The author narrates Gandhiji’s struggle for the poor peasants of Champaran. The peasants were sharecroppers with the British planters. According to an old agreement, the peasants had to produe indigo on 15 percent of the land and give it as rent to the landlords. Around 1917, it was told that Germany had developed synthetic indigo. So the British planters now no longer desired the indigo crop. To release the peasants from the old 15% agreement they demanded compensation from them. Most of the illiterate peasants agreed to it. But a few others refused.
Lawyers were engaged do go to the court. At that time, of RajkumarShukla a sharecropper, from champaran met Gandhiji in Lucknow and told him about their problem. On his request Gandhiji went first to Muzzafarpur to get detailed information about sharecroppers and then reached Champaran. He fought for the poor peasants a long battle for almost one year and managed to get justice for them.

The peasants now got courage and became aware of their rights.Gandhiji worked on social level also. He made arrangements for education, health and hygiene of the families of poor peasants by teaching the lesson of self-reliance. Mrs. Gandhi Kasturbai taught the Ashram rules on personal cleanliness and community sanitation. It was one of the way to forword the struggle for Indian independence

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