Class 12 English Chapter 6 Poets and Pancakes Summary – Flamingo NCERT Solution

Class  12th
Subject English 
Book Flamingo
Category Summary

Class 12 English Chapter 6 Poets and Pancakes Summary

In this lesson the author talks about his days at Gemini studio. He explains us about a makeup material. The brand name of this material was Pancake. This make-up material was bought and used up in the studio. He give a description of the make-up room as a hair-salon. In make-up department, there was a forty year old office boy. His dream of becoming a star actor or director or lyrics writer remained unfulfilled, making him frustrated. For this he blamed Subbu, a man of many abilities and kind hearted person. The office boy felt jealous of him and cursed him. The writer tells of an English poet Stephen Spender’s mysterious visit to the studio. The author’s duty at the studio was to cut newspaper clippings on several issues and stores them in files. After his retirement, the author came across a book. “The God That Failed”. It had six essays. One of these essays was written by Stephen. The mystry of Stephen’s visit to Gemini studio was cleared.

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