Class 12 English Poem 2 Keeping Quiet Summary – Flamingo NCERT Solution

Class  12th
Subject English 
Book Flamingo
Category Summary

Class 12 English Poem 2 Keeping Quiet Summary

“Keeping quiet” is a peaceful poem. The poet asks everyone to count upto twelve in their mind. The number twelve represents the hours of the day or the months of a year. He requests everyone not to speak because languages create barriers between people. The poet says that in this period of inactivity. It would be an exotic moment. The fishermen would not harm the whales, the salt gatherers will not hurt their hands. Those who are busy destroying the nature will stop it. The men who are preparing for wars and victory will join their enemy and stand in unity. He wants that there should be no war.

People are threatened by death and the fear forces them to work endlessly so that they can achieve everything quickly. In this mad rush there is a sadness of not understanding ourselves. He wants us to pause and to be happy about our achievements and celebrate them. He wants us to overcome the fear of death, to relax for a while and to realize the purpose of our lives. It will give a new meaning to our life.

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