Class 12 English Poem 4 A Roadside Stand Summary – Flamingo NCERT Solution

Class  12th
Subject English 
Book Flamingo
Category Summary

Class 12 English Poem 4 A Roadside Stand Summary

This poem is about a farmer who puts a little new shed in front of his house on the edge of a road. He desires to sell his products crook-necked golden squash and wild berries for some money. He believes that money can give him a better lifestyle as he saw in the movies. But the people in cars go fast without even giving a cursory look at his stall. And if few of them happen to look at it, they see how letters N and S have been turned wrong. They believe that such badly painted signs spoil the beauty of the countryside. A few cars did stop to take a U-turn. It comes into farmer’s yard and spoil the grass. Another car stops to know the way and one of them stopped as it needs petrol though it is quite evident that the farmer does not sell petrol.

The poor village people have little earning. It is known that some greedy good-doers plan to remove their poverty. They aimed to buy their property on roadside to build theaters and stores. They wish to teach them to sleep during day time. Thus they desire to force the benefits on the poor people and befool them.

The poet feels miserable at the pitiable sufferings of the poor village people and desired that someone relives them of their pain by killing them.

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