Class 12 English Poem 5 Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger Summary – Flamingo NCERT Solution

Class  12th
Subject English 
Book Flamingo
Category Summary

Class 12 English Poem 5 Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger Summary

This poem addresses the constraints of married life that a woman experiences. The protagonist of the poem, Aunt Jennifer represents women all over the world. She represents the kind of women who were caught under the oppressive hand of a patriarchal society.

In the first stanza, the poet introduces us to Aunt Jennifer’s dreams and the tigers across a screen. The tigers are in their habitat and they are known for their strength and attitude. They are not afraid of men because they are strong, brave and fearless. In the second stanza, we are introduced to the reality of Aunt Jennifer’s world. Her fingers are fluttering through her wools. She find it very hard to pull the ivory needle. as she is very much the opposite of tigers she was knitting. Even though a wedding doesn’t weigh much, sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer’s hand signifies the amount of dominance her husband has exercised over her. The third stanza is a narrative of the future . Even after her death would not free her from the ordeals she went through. But her art work (tigers) will stay forever prancing proud and unafraid.

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